why not

Why not?

It’s been over a year and a half that I moved to Texas and after a good handful of attempts to ignite my passion into a business. They all have failed.

I don’t look at the failure as a bad thing, so it’s kinda of awesome to have tried and to really know what DOES NOT WORK here (North Texas). All jokes aside. It takes guts to put yourself out there and try it and I have to forever thank my better half who has encouraged and supported me through every single crazy idea I had.

McKinney, Texas has a piece of my heart. I love this town, one of my favorite things to do from spring to fall is to go their Farmer’s Market. I know most of the vendors, it’s real small and authentic. It makes you feel like you are really helping a community and their residents.

So, a couple weeks ago I decided to be a part of this amazing community I admire so much. It will be hard, but I am going to try.

Once or twice a month (depending on availability), from June to October. I will have a table as a vendor at the farmer’s market I love so much, for the first time ever.

What will I sell?
Two homemade products. Wella’s Crisps & Helena’s Preserves.
Wella’s Crisps are a nutty cheesy buttery crisp baked with love.
Helena’s Preserves are my grandma’s “geléia de bergamotas”, bergamot jam per say.

Excited to start.

Stay Hungry,

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