about me

Food is love. This is my mantra.
Cooking is my life. I eat, work & sleep thinking about food. It’s pretty obsessive and I love it.  Every aspect of preparing a meal, a banquet , a snack or dinner for friends, fascinates me. From an early age I knew I loved to cook, BUT Culinary evolved inside me as the years went by.
The feeling I want YOU, yes. YOU! to have from all this that you are seeing is that you learn something, or simply look at everything with a different perspective.
 Everything that you see on my site and my photos were created by me.
I am a true geek deep inside. I love to code, learn and design new things. So don’t be surprised if you see something quite stylish that it’s not 100% food related!
Remember, I want to enable YOUR senses…all 5 of them!