Mesero Dallas

Being the food addict that I am, I have the habit of asking Texans where is their favorite place to eat. Unanimously, the answer is always bbq or tex mex. Under Tex Mex answers, the answers are usually Mi Cocina, Taco Diner and Mesero.

For those of you not from Texas, all those 3 places belong to the same restaurant group. I have eaten at all three. Mi Cocina is a simple set up, food is good, comes out fast and there’s no fuzz. Taco Diner has a terrific set of salsas paired with warm salty chips, the tacos are okay, almost meh.

Took me a year to finally go to Mesero. Hearing so much about it, I unfortunately created a huge expectation in my mind. We went there last saturday, we were walking down Katy Trail as usual, and decided to check it out.

We sat down, no one came for a good 5 minutes. The server was not very friendly, even after I mentioned it was my first time there. Someone once told me they make mad margaritas, so we got two originals. The waiter brought us the salsa trio and chips. They are exactly like the ones from Taco Diner. We ordered the Tacos Callejeros & Queso Mesero (House Favorite). Food came in fast and I must say the Queso is really tasty, a little too small for $10.95 but still good. Now, the tacos were a complete disappointment, under seasoned, rice was not freshly made and to top it all off I took a bite and I almost broke a tooth, yes, there was a huge piece of bone in it.  

The waiter came, didn’t apologize and brought me a piece of napkin to place the bone onto. She said she was going to take it to the chef. Note: She did not remove my plate immediately. Oh, when that happened I was done with everything. No one came over to apologize, or to replace my plate.

I salvaged what was left, being extra careful to not find anything else.

The bill came, we paid and left. They didn’t charge me for the taco, obviously. But i can’t still wrap my head around the fact that NO ONE came to apologize for what happened.

In my opinion Mesero like so many other tex mex restaurants in Dallas miss one thing that us latinos know it too well. Good latin food needs to be made fresh, from scratch and with passion. It’s that simple.

There is not a picture to post for obvious reasons. 

Stay Hungry!


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