Saturday, February 19, 2017.

I overslept, woke up at noon. Laid in the couch on my husband’s lap and contemplated the beautiful day that was. Even though I slept the entire morning. We never know what to do in the weekends. It’s the same things over and over, we either go downtown, walk around and grab a bite and drinks somewhere. Or we stay in, watch movies, cook and relax. We hate shopping, we are super picky when it comes to food and we don’t really like it here (texas in general). So, I said: Mhmmm. Would be nice to do something different and go to Austin, maybe? I said it without thinking it too much. He said yeah, I am down. And in less than an hour we were on Dallas Tollway heading south to Austin.

We arrived in Austin 5:30pm. Drove straight to Uchiko, this hip cool looking japanese restaurant that serves sake in a bamboo cube and delicious food. We sat at the bar, ordered a sake and a couple appetizers. We had the cupid’s arrow oyster, mussels, wagyu tartare and the masu. One hundred dollars spent in a very unnecessary way. The servings were so small, I wish I had taken a picture to prove it.

Contigo was next on our list, the place is a open set up. Looks pretty much like a rustic barn. They didn’t have a seat for two at 7pm, so we grabbed a drink each and sat in their patio. I peeked their food menu and wasn’t too impressed. So we left to our next stop.

Shangri-la on East 6th Street is a locals spot. You won’t find any tourists here, which is awesome! They have a dive bar feel, two pool tables and backyard that serves food from a food truck. We had some Crawfish Etouffe and Pulled Pork Sliders. They were decent, nothing extraordinary but a good bang for your buck.

We decided to walk a little since the street were closed for the Mardi Gras Celebrations. Coincidentally we were in Austin last year at the same time. We stumbled on this place called the Bat Bar, The Boss Street Band was playing and we decided to go inside to check it out. The Boss Street Band is awesome! They play with passion and they sounds really good. We had a couple ciders and I got to dance a little, I miss dancing. It was really fun! We decided to leave before the crazy drunk people overcrowd the street, lol.

Last stop was The Liberty, similar setup to Shangri-la but the food seemed to be a thousand times better! They were so so packed that we didn’t have a chance to order any food. Next time I am in Austin I am definitely coming back to this place.

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This new morning.

Bright and warm.

I love you earth.

I believe in love.

Resilience is something you can’t give it away.

Life teaches you to be stronger.

So, to the orange person I say:

“Love Wins”


So, let’s get the politics out of the way and talk about food, right?

Last night we went to this little place in my favorite town, McKinney, TX.

Rye is the name of the place, it has a soul of it’s own.

It sits close to 40 people, not bigger than your living room, it’s cozy and unique.

Their cocktail list is a masterpiece. Turning the old into new seamlessly.

Fritto Misti x 2 – yes, I ordered again. (that only happens at places I fall in love with)

“Book Club” Peppers

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Pork Belly

Lamb Meatballs


If you ever in McKinney, TX. Do your taste a favor and go to Rye.

Trust me.


Stay Hungry,

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Senses 12.21.14

Near Future

Code + Cooking = Gratitude

PS: Listen to Ella Fitzgerald – How Long, How Long Blues Goes (1963) it will make you understand how I feel right now.

This is what I want to do.

Study culinary arts, improve my coding ability to share and spread my knowledge with the world.

Specially the kids that don’t have now 1% of what I was able to have in this life.

The idea is to enable your senses = THEIR senses. To give them the ability to see beyond their reality and dream with a better future ahead.

Honestly, if I can impact one child’s life, and this child understands what I am teaching, sharing and deep inside believes that there is a way to go beyond, above and improve their own life and the ones around them. Great!

The point is not me. The point is to be able to positively affect every single human being I have not even met or meet YET! That’s the point. To always be searching for the new, what’s next? Whom am I going to make a positive impression tomorrow?

In a sense I want people that come across this to want to find more about my ideas, that loves the project, even if they don’t do anything about it. It will be great to just put a smile in someone’s face. Thoughts are powerful things.

Just wishing someone good makes your heart feels good. That I know for a FACT.

So this is the plan.

Go to the poorest countries in the world. Have a HQ in each one and build a school. That will teach them how to manipulate the two most valuable things in “my humble opinion” = code + food.

You are probably wondering why she wants to teach code. Cooking we all get it; we all need to cook and eat.

But Coding?

Yes, coding. That’s the future, my friends. That’s how things will work in a few years and us who are living here in the year of 2014 will look back and laugh out loud of the moment where we had to hire people to get stuff done on the internet. 

Might sound absurd but coding, is the future.

We are already attached 24/7 to an electronic device, odds are we will be soon being able to manipulate them the way we want. 

I am not an expert in coding but I sniff my nose around things I don’t know. I am very curious human being; for that matter I believe that from my own experience in the past 29 years…the tiny people aka babies ( I just like to call them that) that are being made and born in this earth are years and years if not eras ahead of us. 

The vibe in the earth right now is changing, is moving in a speed that we cannot even understand.

It’s up to us to take action when we see it crystal clear = that’s how I see.

I feel that there’s not much more time to waste and be making the wrong decisions, over and over again. The purpose of our lives must be higher than simply making money and having material things.

The kids I never met that will bring more joy than any material thing I ever had. They will never have what we had growing up. To have the time or interest to read this text, understand where we are coming from. BUT. They will be forever thankful for our action towards kindness and enclosure.

And that my friends is Priceless.

Stay Hungry!




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I crave simple things.
A smell, a memory, a moment that happened before and causes me to remember how much I loved a certain taste, food, place or person.
Oh Boston.
I am craving a long walk by the Charles River, a lazy afternoon stroll by the Gardens, a completely careless day.
The craving is still with me, deep down in my heart.
Before moving out over a year ago, on my last weekend in Boston, I walked alone, from North Station to the Seaport and back through the city, North End, Haymarket, Government Center and Back Bay. Here!
Man, I love that city. Like a child loves her favorite stuffed animal.
Boston lives in my heart.
It’s a part of me and I am a part of it.

The Beast & Boston ❤️ eternal love ❤️

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