family time

This past week was so much fun, family, friends and my favorite places in New England.

The week started in the best note ever: Pickity Place.

So, for those of you that have no idea what it is. This place is a little gem in south of New Hampshire – Mason is the name of the town. They only take reservation by phone and a little piece of advice, have your date and number of guests ready. Their menu changes every month.

The Menu for December was:

  • Dip – Sweet Pepper and Onion

  • Soup – Mulligatawny

  • Salad – Fruits and Roots with Ruby Red Vinaigrette

  • Bread – Herbed Ciabatta

  • Entree – Roasted Boursin Chicken Thigh

  • Entree – Sweet Onion Souffle over Julienne of Savory Vegetables

  • Dessert – Chocolate Silk Pie with Crushed Candy Canes

Simply delicious and unique.

This was my fourth time at Pickity Place. A total group of 8. The tables fit 4 people sitting down. The sitting is always 4 per table, so always multiples of 4 is the best bet.

We went last week, December 18th. A Sunday and not to my surprise, the place was fully booked, duh.

Best of all. I got to share this experience with my family and most importantly with my dear husband and my cousin Roberto, who is a chef and a food lover like me and my husband 😀


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I crave simple things.
A smell, a memory, a moment that happened before and causes me to remember how much I loved a certain taste, food, place or person.
Oh Boston.
I am craving a long walk by the Charles River, a lazy afternoon stroll by the Gardens, a completely careless day.
The craving is still with me, deep down in my heart.
Before moving out over a year ago, on my last weekend in Boston, I walked alone, from North Station to the Seaport and back through the city, North End, Haymarket, Government Center and Back Bay. Here!
Man, I love that city. Like a child loves her favorite stuffed animal.
Boston lives in my heart.
It’s a part of me and I am a part of it.

The Beast & Boston ❤️ eternal love ❤️

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