Saturday, February 19, 2017.

I overslept, woke up at noon. Laid in the couch on my husband’s lap and contemplated the beautiful day that was. Even though I slept the entire morning. We never know what to do in the weekends. It’s the same things over and over, we either go downtown, walk around and grab a bite and drinks somewhere. Or we stay in, watch movies, cook and relax. We hate shopping, we are super picky when it comes to food and we don’t really like it here (texas in general). So, I said: Mhmmm. Would be nice to do something different and go to Austin, maybe? I said it without thinking it too much. He said yeah, I am down. And in less than an hour we were on Dallas Tollway heading south to Austin.

We arrived in Austin 5:30pm. Drove straight to Uchiko, this hip cool looking japanese restaurant that serves sake in a bamboo cube and delicious food. We sat at the bar, ordered a sake and a couple appetizers. We had the cupid’s arrow oyster, mussels, wagyu tartare and the masu. One hundred dollars spent in a very unnecessary way. The servings were so small, I wish I had taken a picture to prove it.

Contigo was next on our list, the place is a open set up. Looks pretty much like a rustic barn. They didn’t have a seat for two at 7pm, so we grabbed a drink each and sat in their patio. I peeked their food menu and wasn’t too impressed. So we left to our next stop.

Shangri-la on East 6th Street is a locals spot. You won’t find any tourists here, which is awesome! They have a dive bar feel, two pool tables and backyard that serves food from a food truck. We had some Crawfish Etouffe and Pulled Pork Sliders. They were decent, nothing extraordinary but a good bang for your buck.

We decided to walk a little since the street were closed for the Mardi Gras Celebrations. Coincidentally we were in Austin last year at the same time. We stumbled on this place called the Bat Bar, The Boss Street Band was playing and we decided to go inside to check it out. The Boss Street Band is awesome! They play with passion and they sounds really good. We had a couple ciders and I got to dance a little, I miss dancing. It was really fun! We decided to leave before the crazy drunk people overcrowd the street, lol.

Last stop was The Liberty, similar setup to Shangri-la but the food seemed to be a thousand times better! They were so so packed that we didn’t have a chance to order any food. Next time I am in Austin I am definitely coming back to this place.

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